The last few years have been very difficult to navigate what is right for my cancellation policy, largely due to covid.  If you are sick, I appreciate you all for wanting to keep myself and the rest of the staff healthy.  However, as a sole proprietor, 100% of my income comes from appointments.  When appointments are cancelled at short notice, I can not always fill the space, and therefore I do not make any income during those allotted hours. 

Effective October 11, 2022, I am implementing a strict cancellation policy as follows:

Appointments cancelled within 48-24 hours will result in a cancellation fee of $25 per hour (for example, if your service was booked for two hours you would pay a $50 cancellation fee). 

Appointments cancelled within 24 hours or less will result in a cancellation fee of $35 per hour

Appointments that are missed completely will result in the complete cost of your missed service.

If you are more than fifteen minutes late for your appointment, you may not be able to receive your complete service.  For example, I can not guarantee I will be able to blowdry/style your hair in a certain way out of respect to my next guest and their designated time.

If you have to cancel an appointment during any of these time frames, you will receive an invoice from me via email, and the cancellation fee must be paid prior to rebooking.  I understand life happens and will approach these fees with compassion.  In the event of severe illness, a medical emergency, an accident, death, etc., cancellation fees will be waived.